Build a Secure Client Portal


Have an existing site and need a client portal area?  Expand your WordPress Installation today with Web Portal HQ.

Easily used by “techy” and “not-so-techy” Administrators

One plugin configures multiple areas of your WordPress installation and allows the site Administrator to easily create new Client Areas, Client Management Portals, Client Estimates & Invoices, Client File Upload Areas, or Private Staff Pages on the site by entering  just a few data fields. Additionally, clients can upload/download secure files.

The #1 Secure Client Portal & Invoicing Solution for WordPress.

  • Your purchase gives you not only the Web Portal CORE WordPress plugin, plus access to range of Free & Included Extensions that allow you selectively expand the functionalities that you require.
  • Easily enable or disable functions, control permissions, create templates, customize the design, colors, layouts, logins, emails & more…
  • A private portal & login are created for each client automatically, and all components & files are only accessible by you & your client(s).
  • Advanced file sharing > Client file upload, Client file download,  File categories & filters, remote file storage & more…
  • Private messages with clients from client portal are emailed to the proper contact. A chained record of messages is kept for clarity.
  • Assign each Client to their own Client Manager & funnel information exchanges to the proper place in your organization.

Web Portal WP-Client Management Portal

Client Login Area, Portal, and Pages created in Seconds.

  • When you add a client, you create a private client login and that client’s username/password, along with the login link are emailed directly to the client.
  • The client logs in via a login page that you can customize with your logo & colors. You can also use any page on your site as the login page by inserting a login form shortcode provided by the plugin. Alternatively, WP-Client ships with a custom login widget that can be used in the sidebar or any widget area provided by your theme.
  • Upon login, the client is taken to their own personalized central HUB, where they are able to:
    • Navigate to all the private pages that exist in their portal. These Portal Pages are where most of the web-like content of the Portal should be housed.
    • Download files that have been uploaded and assigned to them by the Site Admin, the WPC Admin, or their assigned Client Manager (optional)
    • Upload files to the Site Manager or Client Manager > Client can choose from assigned categories to organize files
    • Send/Receive Private Messages to/from the Site Manager or their Client Manager. Email notifications are triggered when PMs are sent.
    • Clients can view/edit their profile information on the front end (optional) – All of this happens without them seeing the WordPress dashboard.
    • Clients can change/reset their password on the front end (optional) – All of this happens without them seeing the WordPress dashboard.
    • Add Staff members who can then login to the Client Portal with their own unique credentials (if approved)

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